Mr. Qadir Khan, have been in this business for the last 15 years. Despite being a thorny business it is a service to humanity and the Nation. Responsibilities, risk, popularity and notoriety are all the possible facets of this business. Being a trusted businessman, you will have to prove yourself that your client company has authorized you to select quality manpower to its organization and the two countries. Host country and the manpower exporting country has allowed you to mobilize the human exports, keeping in view the prevalent and established laws of the concerned countries. If you did such a sensitive job successfully, then you have g1iven justice to the sacred responsibility reposed! in you, otherwise. the adverse effect are inevitable.
I believe that a promoter should have smattering of knowledge of every trade. An eagle glance on his staff and co-workers in manpower export is h1ighly appreciable for an honest promoter. The income coming to my organization from manpower exports, is legalized to me, when I successfully fulfill my adventure to send an individual to my client company up to the entire satisfaction of both the employer and employee. It is my firm belief that if I settle a capable person in a suitable job, that is tantamount to serving the concerned family and the entire nation. 
(Qadir Khan)
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