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Immigrate to Qatar

Qatar Visa for Business and Fair Visits

Business visas are handled in two categories and allows for conducting business on a temporary term in Qatar. 72-hour business visa is issued for short term trips with the possibility of extending it for another 72-hours. On the other hand, business visa gives entry permit to expatriate workers or people who intend to engage in contractual work for short term. It is valid up to three months. Business visa can be issued following an approval by a company or institution in Qatar.


Qatar Visa for Visit to Family, Relatives and Friends

Family members of expatriate workers who would like to visit them for periods up to six months can ask for Family Visit Visa. Although the visa is issued for one month, the holder has the right to extend it for a maximum of six months period for close immediate relatives.


Qatar Visa for Cultural, Sports Activities and Participation to Conferences

Travelers from third countries who would like to visit Qatar to participate cultural or sports related events can apply for tourist visitor visa as well.


Qatar Visa for Short-term Education and Traineeship

Foreign nationals who would like to go to Qatar for short-term education or training purposes can also apply for tourist visa supported by the host institution. All visa procedures are governed by Ministry of Interior. However, the visitor shall obtain an education visa if he/she intends to stay for a longer term.