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Immigrate To UAE

Compared to several years ago, the immigration option for foreign citizens interested in moving to the UAE have increased. The Dubai government has tried its best and succeeded in offering advantageous conditions for those willing to immigrate here by enabling new laws and regulations related to employment conditions and business opportunities.

Those who want to immigrate to Dubai have several options, among which:

  1.   by applying for one of the visas which allow a foreign citizen to live in Dubai (student visas and family reunification visas);
  2.   by obtaining an employment visa which implies securing a job offer from a local company first;
  3.   through the investor visa which is available for those interested in starting a business in Dubai;
  4.  through the residency by investment program which was recently enabled in Dubai.

It is important to know that in certain cases a sponsor is required for the person immigrating to Dubai.

Our Dubai Company adviser can provide detailed information on all the ways in which a foreigner can relocate to this Emirate and others in UAE.